Garment sector creates job opportunities for women with basic education

A press briefing on Myanmar’s garment industry held at the UMFCCI.
Myanmar’s garment industry is worker-based and creates job opportunities for women even with basic education level besides attracting foreign investment, the Union of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) said at a press conference on October 4.
A World Bank 2016 report titled “A country on the Move: Domestic Migration in two Regions in Myanmar”, said most people are drawn towards the Myanmar garment industry for stable jobs, as compared with other jobs as there is a guarantee of getting better wages. 
The UMFCCI said it has doubts about reports by nongovernment organisations because they lack systematic research. Besides, the number of women workers surveyed in their reports by these organisations don’t represent all women workers in Yangon, the UMFCCI explained.
In June 15, 2017, a meeting was held at Summit Park View Hotel to clarify on the report issued by Action Aid and Action Labour Rights on safety of women in the garment industry.
Based on the report, officials visited factories mentioned in the report. It was found that the industries in the report had certificates for Business Social Compliance Initiative.
Translated by MAS