Local investments in property sector the highest

Min Thiha Zaw
Total investments by Myanmar citizens in 11 business sectors until September exceeded Ks14,659 billion, with the property sector topping the list.
Investments in the property sector were in excess of Ks2,923 billion, followed by the transportation and communications sector with over Ks2,691 billion, manufacturing sector Ks2,634 billion, other services Ks2,345 billion, hotels and tourism Ks1,468 billion, construction Ks1,008 billion, industrial development Ks797 billion, energy Ks514 billion, mining Ks 141 billion, livestock and fisheries Ks82 billion and agricultural sector Ks51 billion.
In the past, investors had to directly apply to the Myanmar Investment Commission. In late July, the MIC formed region and state investment committees chaired by region/state chief ministers.
Now, each region/state investment committee can grant permission for investments worth up to US$5 million (Ks6,000 million).