Japan helps draft master plan for development of Tanintharyi region

Zaw Moe Oo (Myeik)
A bird’s eye view of Myeik.

The Tanintharyi Region government has drafted a master development plan with the help of Japan, said Tanintharyi Region Chief Minister Dr Le Le Maw on September 8.

The master plan will prioritize the marine, education and mining sectors.

“I have requested that Japanese people draw the master plan twice. Now they are drafting the master plan for the development of Tanintharyi Region. The master plan mainly focuses on the Myeik region. The region has invaluable fish resources and mining. I don’t want to hear the news about instability in the Myeik region. It is not an easy task. I don’t want the cancellation of the project due to terrorism. So we are responsible for it. I would like to urge all of you to make cooperation carefully.”

“Breeding is the top priority,” she added.

Foreign investments in the region are still weak. Foreign investors are still monitoring the situation, so the government is working to show them that investments in the area can be profitable.

Experts and entrepreneurs from Japan conducted a study on oysters, clams, mollusks and other shellfish in the Myeik Archipelago and other islands.