Myanmar in midst of discussing energy deals

Kyaw Myo
The offshore drill site Pyi Thit (1) within the A-6 zone. (Photo – MPRL E&P Pte.Ltd Facebook)


According to the Ministry of Power and Electricity, multiple neighboring nations have made offers to sell electricity in Myanmar’s quest to fulfill the ever-growing energy demands.

Deputy Permanent Secretary Soe Myint claimed at the press conference in August 10 that China, India, Laos and Thailand are just among the few countries that they have been discussing with.

He further stated that Myanmar’s geography meant that there is currently electricity overflow in monsoon and winter seasons while summer brings about a major deficit for almost all of the country’s power sources.

Myanmar annually spends around 3500 megawatts of power of which around half are consumed by Yangon Region.

“We are trying to negotiate their rates according to our budget, our needs and investments. For example, we are stuck to the IVP system because any other way means that it will be too expensive and we will ultimately make a loss,” said Soe Myint.


Translated by KWDT