Border vehicle trade stales

Ko Shwe Thein (Myawady)
Vehicles carrying heavy machinery over the friendship bridge in Myawaddy.

According to traders, lowering demands for heavy machineries has led to sluggish business in Myawaddy.

According to a group of vehicle and machinery border traders, new regulations are effectively gutting the trade slowly but surely.

“Ever since restrictions such as banning the import of Hilux Vigo cars that are popular in rural areas, or only allowing left-hand side driving vehicles or even allowing only one vehicle under 7 tons per company allowed per month, are things that had severely reduced the border car and machinery trade except for things that fit on delivery vans. They are still regular,” said Secretary Zaw Maw Htun of the aforementioned group.

He claimed that the group will be officially submitting and appealing to the Union Government with reports and suggestions that may help in shaping legislation regarding vehicle and machinery imports via the border.

Zaw Maw Htun said, “Delivery vans are the only things that are actually selling good right now but everything else from cargo to container trucks are extremely rare.”


Translated by KWDT