Myawaddy imports 10x exports

Ko Shwe Thein (Myawady)
Trucks at the Myawaddy border trade camp.

Between April 1 and June 2, trade at the Myawaddy border with Thailand reached US$126.3 million, up US$4 million from the same period last year, according to the Commerce Ministry. 

The new Asia road has boosted trade. 

Myanmar imported motorbikes made in Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, fuel, food, personal goods, beauty products, soft drinks, clothes and construction materials worth US$116.2 million from Thailand and exported marine products, agricultural goodstea, ginger, onions, mining and forestry produce worth US$10 million. 

Due to the changes to the import policythe arrivals of Toyota Vigos has been suspended. Car imports have now stopped but the import of agricultural machinery continues

Vehicle prices have doubled since the import changes. 

Trade at Tachilek, KengtungKawthoungMyawaddyNabule, Htikhee, Mawtaung and Maese on the Thai border amounted to US$200.9 million. Myawaddy accounts for 60 per cent of trade with Thailand.

Border trade with other neighbours is decreasing while it rises with Thailand.