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Korea's tax rate will be 5th highest under gov't plan


Xi Jinping's 2050 vision: A China that stands tall in the world


Five years after he espoused his Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation, President Xi Jinping has presented his new 2050 vision for China: a modern socialist country that can stand tall in the world.

In setting the ambitious goal, to be achieved in two phases, Mr Xi has shown awareness of the challenges and risks ahead.

There are no Muslim or Christian terrorists: Dalai Lama


There are no Muslim or Christian terrorists because terrorists are no more religious once they embrace terror, Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama said on Wednesday.

“People cease to be Muslim, Christian or any group the moment they became terrorists,” the Dalai Lama said at a public reception here on the second day of a three-day visit to Manipur.

Countries with the most Unesco world heritage sites


NEW DELHI (DataLEADS/ANN) - Italy has the highest number of Unesco heritage sites in the world.  In Asia, it is China and India that house the most heritage sites.

Founded on November 16, 1945 the U.N. cultural organisation, Unesco was created to promote international collaboration in education, science and culture as a way to contribute towards world peace. 

National security tops list in Zuckerberg talks in Thailand

BANGKOK (The Nation/ANN) - Facebook co-founder’s visit seen as boost to country’s digital economy.

Kuroshio meander cuts into fishing hauls

TOKYO (The Japan News/ANN) - For the first time in 12 years, the “great meander of the Kuroshio current” has affected catches of shirasu whitebait. Shirasu catches along the Pacific Ocean have fallen into a slump, and hauls in Shizuoka and Aichi prefectures, which are famous for their catches of the fish, have declined significantly.

Chinese monks walking through Laos on pilgrimage to India

LUANG PRABANG, Laos (Vientiane Times/ANN) - Some 108 Chinese monks entered northern Laos last week and are expected to pass through other provinces as their make their way on a pilgrimage to India.

OPINION: The next step

KATHMANDU (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) - Health issues must be addressed to safeguard migrant workers, backbone of our economy

FEATURE: No let-up in Xi Jinping's hunt for 'tigers, flies and spiders'

BEIJING (The Straits Times/ANN) - President Xi Jinping's anti-graft campaign will continue to include senior officials to the rank and file, to strengthen stability and unity and increase the party's legitimacy in the eyes of the public. 

FEATURE: Oxford historian’s Silk Roads talks about ‘age of Asia’

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN) – Oxford University history professor Peter Frankopan says historians should be brave: “Otherwise, there is no point of writing history.”