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Lonely deaths, Unattended death estimate tops 40,000 across Japan

TOKYO (The Japan News/ANN) - More than 17,000 people who were living alone died unattended at home across 19 prefectures and Tokyo’s 23 wards in 2016, according to research by The Yomiuri Shimbun, a finding that suggests the national figure was greater than 40,000.

 In its research, The Yomiuri contacted all 47 prefectural police headquarters and the Medical Examiner’s Office of the Tokyo metropolitan government.

ADB loans support green urban development in Vietnam

HANOI (Viet Nam News/ANN) - The ADB has upped its ante to support Vietnam's provinces in upgrading their urban infrastructure and adressing climate change.

Say no and pay the price: Sexual harassment in Singapore showbiz

Some women in local showbiz are told their careers will be at risk if they reject sexual advances

There are a few men in the Singapore entertainment industry notorious for their sexual misconduct.

Registration needed for drones brought on holiday to Thailand

Bringing your drone to Thailand? Get registered or you could face serious punishment.

With the fast growing popularity of drones, advancements in the technology they use and their increasing consumer accessibility, more tourists now want to take their drones on holiday with them. This is not surprising, when you consider the spectacular holiday pictures and/or videos that can be taken from a flying drone with a camera attached.

Moon says no nukes in South Korea


Private investment to help India reduce 35 pc greenhouse gas emissions


India is on track to meet its climate targets, including reducing the greenhouse gas emissions by up to 35 per cent by 2030, by channelling trillions of dollars in private investments through a combination of policy reforms and innovative business models, a report said on Thursday.

No terror threats in Metro Manila ahead of Asean Summit

MANILA (Philippine Daily Inquirer/ANN) - Two weeks ahead of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) Summit to be held in Manila, the Philippine police have not detected any terror threats.

FEATURE: China to focus on sustainable growth, not GDP targets

BEIJING (The Straits Times/ANN) - The move will allow China to focus on high-quality growth over the long term.

China's growth will no longer be a numbers game, a top economic policymaker has declared, signalling Beijing's intention to move away from annual growth targets.

'Terrorists' arrested in waters off Changi in multi-agency maritime security exercise

SINGAPORE (The Straits Times/ANN) - A variety of maritime terrorism scenarios were tested during this eight-day exercise, to test the readiness of agencies to respond to such threats. 

"Terrorists" in speedboats, suspected of smuggling arms, were intercepted in Singapore waters off Changi Coast Road, but not before one of them "escaped" to the eastern coast.

EDITORIAL: The world shares our loss

BANGKOK (The Nation/ANN) - Royalty and heads of state from around the globe gathered in Bangkok this week to bear witness to King Bhumibol’s generous warmth and deep wisdom.